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On this page, we’ve featured the “most asked” questions from prospective clients.


And we figured the best person to answer such questions would be Haris Milicevic from My Great Escapes, our business-partner in this exciting offering.


Haris has been involved in helping hotels form relationships with businesses for mutual benefit for over 25 years.

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As this is a cross-promotion between the hotels and the participating business, guests will be invited to attend a short presentation where the resort may wish to showcase its entire property and any offerings they may have.

(For example – Breakfast or Meal Packages, Upgrades, Extended Stays, Tours, Return Accommodation, Transfers and so forth)

Please note that guests are under NO obligation whatsoever to purchase anything and still get to enjoy the complimentary 7 Night’s Accommodation from you..

This is a dynamic cross-promotion that’s aimed at benefitting YOU, your customers & the resorts (so it’s a “win/win/win” scenario).

See the “most asked questions” below – with the “answers” provided.

Haris Milicevic


The reality is most hotels wouldn’t want to be offering such crazy “room rates”.

They all have a limited marketing budget & even with reasonably sophisticated marketing campaigns, they still run at 70% to 80% occupancy.

This means that the resorts have 20% to 30% of their rooms empty – & yet their “operating costs” remain essentially the same as if they were fully booked.

Unlike most businesses, they are not in a position to discount inventory (ie: rooms) to get rid of them quickly.

The reason being because in the hospitality industry, the likes of Expedia & Trivago have basically highlighted to them that they can’t sell rooms cheaper than what they’ve sold them in the past.
So the Marketing Company we’ve partnered with saw an opportunity to move these empty rooms via a clever way of creating a “cross-marketing campaign” between the hotels and quality businesses that will attract the appropriate demographic to the hotels.

So the “empty rooms” are marketed to consumers via such “cross-promotions” with ideal businesses – normally as an attractive reward or bonus for making a purchase or purchases.

When consumers stay as a complimentary guest at the resorts, they tend to spend money on meals, drinks, room service, tours, boutiques, spas & cocktails around the pool etc.

After all, they’re getting the accommodation for FREE, so they are likely to splurge a little on amenities & dining!

So THIS is where the resorts enjoy revenue – so it’s a “win/win” situation for everyone.

So for the resorts, they can avoid the potential stigma of “price-discounting” (which they really can’t do anyway if they want to maintain their relationship with booking platforms like Expedia) & enjoy revenue from the “complimentary guests”.

The resorts are “filling otherwise empty rooms” & if the consumers like the holiday experience & enjoyed their stay, they’re going to likely tell family & friends.

Or they might decide to return another time themselves!

We think it’s a clever “marketing campaign” that delivers benefits for all involved.


The qualification criteria is decided upon by the resorts, keeping in mind that they want “appropriate guests” staying at their property.

This is a “cross-marketing” campaign, where there needs to be a likely positive outcome for all concerned.

So understandably they don’t want us giving Accommodation Vouchers to 18 year old adolescents who are looking for a “schoolies type” binge drinking vacation.

If a younger demographic like this took up the “Special Offer”, there’s chances of “partying & subsequent inconvenience” for other guests, not to mention the prospect of damage of resort facilities.

The resorts’ objective for this campaign is to attract the right demographic – primarily couples between the ages of 28 and 65.

When we talk to businesses about running this “cross-marketing” promotion, we do our best to ensure that 80% to 90% of their prospects & client base are within that age bracket.

Regardless however, the great thing about the campaign is if recipients of the Accommodation Vouchers don’t fall within that age bracket, the vouchers are fully transferable.
The Vouchers can be passed to family members or friends.

So you can still use “the accommodation offer” as a marketing tool in your business or a conversion tool – & if Mr & Mrs Jones don’t wish to use it or are not qualified, they can pass it to another family member or friend.


The reason why the check-in and check-out is “Saturday to Saturday” is to maximise the number of rooms available to our clients’ customers.

The resorts found that this was the simplest way to accommodate guests who have “the special deal” & the vast majority of such consumers are very happy with this model.


Keep in mind that the “Free Holiday” customer attraction concept is essentially a “cross-promotion” between your business & the Bali or Phuket resorts.

YOUR aim is of course to stimulate revenue or build a database.

And the RESORTS’ aim is to attract the right audience to fill empty rooms & benefit from food & beverage sales, room service, hosted tours, spas & other facilities.

Of course, the resort also hopes that the “free accommodation” people have such a great time, that they’ll consider returning as “a paying guest” at a future date.

Hence, guests will be invited to attend a short presentation where the resort may wish to showcase its entire property and any offerings they may have.

(For example – Breakfast or Meal Packages, Upgrades, Extended Stays, Tours, Return Holiday Accommodation, Transfers and so forth)

There’s no heavy pitching or silly pressure to buy anything – indeed, guests are under no obligation whatsoever to purchase anything.

Given these guests are getting 7 nights accommodation for FREE, it’s understandable that the hotel would want the opportunity to simply present some “special offers or bonuses” that might be of interest to these guests for future vacations.

This is a dynamic cross-promotion that’s aimed at benefitting YOU, your customers & the resorts (so it’s a “win/win/win” scenario).


Volkswagen, Myer, Nissan, Jim’s Group (ie: the Jim’s Lawn Mowing Group), Hewitt Packard, Capt’n Snooze, Prime Telecom, Pirelli Tyres & Land Rover – to name a few.

One of the reasons such brands gravitate to a “cross-promotion” like this is because ‘FREE HOLIDAYS” have such a wide appeal……….to all ages & all demographics.


No problems – as you can imagine, THAT’S exactly what the resorts would love!

Should people want to stay longer, rest assured the resort will offer them an attractive rate.

In this era of TripAdvisor etc, the resorts are conscious of the value of ‘great reviews’ & therefore tend to go out of their way to impress guests, hoping they’ll recommend the property to others or give a good online review.


Your customers/clients have an 18 mth window to enjoy their vacation – with the period starting from when they receive their Accommodation Voucher.

Like most hotels, peak periods like Easter, Christmas & School Holidays are always a busy time.

But we’ve learned over the years that if people are encouraged to “book far enough ahead”, their preferred dates are nearly always available.

So we simply ask that the people “book” their accommodation within 3 months of receiving their Accommodation Voucher.

We’ve found that when consumers “book” within this 90 day period, their first choice of a “holiday date” is secured 84% of the time.

(Which of course is logical, given they are booking their room a reasonable time from their vacation timing)

Let us stress however, your customers/clients can choose dates within an 18 month period that starts when they receive their Voucher.

Should there ever be “high occupancy” in one of the advertised resorts (due to conferences or simply “high demand”), we have “other” similar properties that can accommodate guests (we keep these resorts “on the reserve bench” so to speak!).

When your customers/clients receive their Accommodation Voucher, they are invited to phone our Concierge Manager, who will be pleased to answer any questions & help them with understanding the “booking procedure”.

It’s our aim to make the whole process as easy as possible for guests.

Can Children Come With Us?

All of the resorts allow children up to the age of 12 to stay FREE in the same room as the adult guests.

If the children are 13 yrs or over, the resorts are happy to assist the guests with a more suitable room, understandably for an additional cost.