Thank You

Congratulations for choosing to run this incredible promotion at your hotel.
We hope you experience the benefits of offering such a “wow factor” incentive & hopefully the details below will help you understand what happens from here!

Thanks for your order of the “Free Holiday Promotion” – where you now have the opportunity to use “complimentary vacations” as a customer lure for your hotel!

We believe it is one of the most powerful “customer attraction” marketing concepts ever devised & we hope that you experience great success with it!

You’ll be receiving your Resort Accommodation Vouchers in coming days, as we’ll be mailing them to you straight away.

Incidentally, despite the fact that we live in a “digital world”, we’ve found that people prefer “printed Accommodation Vouchers” – as they are tangible proof of the legitimacy of the offer.

(Remember, the Free Holiday Offer DOES sound “too good to be true” to some people!)

We’ll be providing you with 5,000 “Holiday Certificates”, which you distribute to customers when they spend the specified $20 amount with you in the one transaction.

Your Holiday Certificates will be delivered to you within 7 working days.

Should you require additional Holiday Certificates throughout your promotion, you can purchase them at (

Each of these Holiday Certificates has a “unique code” which customers register at your unique URL webpage.

We’ll be emailing this URL to you within 72 hours, so you have it on record for easy reference…..& when you receive that email, your webpage will be “live”.

Remember, the only maintenance you have with this promotion is distributing one Holiday Certificate for every $20 a customer spends in the one transaction.

We manage the rest for you – ie: online collection of Unique Codes, tabulation of customer Holiday Certificates (so that when a customer reaches the required amount, both they & you are notified) & provision of the database to you.

And when a customer reaches the required number of registered Holiday Certificates, both him/her & yourself will be notified by email – highlighting that the Resort Accommodation Voucher is available for pick up at your business.


We want to provide you with as much assistance as possible with this unique promotion, so I invite you to visit ( to check out the various advertising items you can access.

We’ve given you a Facebook Ad template & Webpage Ad panel for free.

And you’ll see that you can order display items such as pull-up banners & flags – direct from the webpage – with fast delivery!

We’ve negotiated excellent pricing for these items from Vivid Displays, so all you need to do is “click the buttons!”


We wish you every success with this incredible “customer attraction” promotion.

Like everything in life, you’ll get out of it WHAT YOU PUT INTO IT…… we encourage you to “make some noise” about your jaw-dropping offer!

After all, “you can’t sell a secret” – so make the most of this powder-keg of an offer & ensure that you get the message to your target audience.


Given the horsepower of “social media” these days, we encourage you to consider the likes of Facebook & Instagram advertising.

If you need some assistance with “setting up & managing” such social media campaigns, we have a clever Social Media Agency business associate that provides a very cost-effective service.

For just $499 per month, the agency creates your ads, produces your Online Landing Pages, books your campaign & provides you with an “online dashboard” so you can keep up with the results.

Many of our “Free Holiday” clients use their services, as the price is extremely attractive compared to “other digital agency” options.

If you’d like an introduction, just email us at

Thanks again for coming onboard & we hope this promotional offer stimulates your sales to crazy levels!